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My 2013 failure to hype the cloud…

January 2, 2014

f-school-letter-gradeThis blog had 216 new posts in 2013, and 81 (37.5%) of them were about our cloud services. Sadly, I’ve learned it wasn’t enough… I’m sorry, and I resolve to do better in 2014. My failure is really troubling me, so I turned to Google Trends for real data behind my ineptness so I can improve this year.  Google immediately slapped me like a New Year’s baby with the reality that I again failed to be a top 10 blogger in 2013…

Anyway, the site allows some cool comparisons, so first I looked at the trend of “cloud computing” as a search term, and compared that to “Kronos.” Kronos has been very steady over time, but the gap between blue and red? My fail. Oh, by the way, Kronos first put Workforce Central in “the cloud” in 2006, long before the term began its ascent.

Cloud-Kronos 2013
OK, so then I pondered, “how do these trends compare to a non-tech entity?” I added the local 9 to the mix and got this graph. It puts the relative interest in tech subjects into some context, plus it reveals there was more interest in the 2004 champion Sox than for their titles in 2007 or 2013:

Cloud-Kronos-Red Sox 2013

Finally, I wanted to see Kronos up against two competitors that deliver cloud solutions. I think Ultimate does a great job at marketing, but they’re simply a smaller company compared to Kronos. Workday’s line accelerates and peaks at the time of their IPO (Initial Public Offering), but still trails Kronos, probably because we’ve been in business so much longer, and have a huge number of customers. Plus, our products, services, and marketing are wicked awesome.

Workday-Kronos-Ultimate 2013

Oh boy. I just went back to the Cloud computing: Not nearly hyped enough article… I guess I missed the part where the author wrote, “Cloud is over-hyped by vendors.” Oops. Nevermind.

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