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December 19, 2013

McLaughlinGroupI used to love “The McLaughlin Group” on PBS, but it’s been many years since I’ve watched it. I guess I’m busier on Friday nights than I used to be, plus I tired of what Ronald Reagan once described as, “a political version of Animal House.” Anyway, at the end of most shows, moderator John McLaughlin would exclaim, “Predictions!” Then he and each of the 4 panelists would riff one off. Wow, there’s even a public record of their Swaminess. Nate Siler they ain’t.

Anyway, I predict it’s the time of year for 2014 predictions, and to save you time and effort, here are the best I’ve found on cloud computing:

  1. ZDNetSaaS becomes de facto for buying new applications
  2. CIO MagazinePrivate Cloud Will Have Its Moment of Truth
  3. SearchCloudComputingMergers and acquisitions will be a key theme
  4. Forbes – Contributor Joe McKendrick has just “One Big Fat Cloud Computing Prediction for 2014:”

That is, cloud computing is set to become mainstream computing, period.

That’s it. The only prediction that matters. I’ve seen it this year. In research for my own posts on Workforce Central in the Cloud and Workforce Ready, I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in news/industry articles on “cloud.” It’s now just the way customers want to develop and use applications.

So, getting back to Mr. McLaughlin and his entertaining hyperbole, I’ll make a prediction based on a question he might frame: “On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 representing zero possibility and 10 representing complete metaphysical certitude, what is the chance SaaS will be the dominant deployment model for Kronos customers in 2014?”


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