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A storm named Java

December 18, 2013

“I look out my window, and watch her as she passes by…”  Who? Why storm (Edie?) Falco of course. I’m working from home, and this (Tuesday) morning I received an email from a long-time friend, past, present, and future co-worker. Yeah, he’s like all the ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” combined, and he secretly longs to be a marketeer. Doesn’t everyone? Anyway, Tom’s email was titled, “Another way for you to blog about JRE…” Cool. So through the magic of my laziness, Tom’s creativity is now your guest blog:

Tom Kimmel is Senior Director of Enablement at Kronos

Tom KimmelIf this storm season was like last years, there will be some 27 named storms to hit the United States. Just saw this list from the National Weather Service that says that one of those storms will be called “Kronos.” We know that there is a major winter storm approaching – and unlike the weatherman who cannot predict the exact date and time, we certainly can. January 14th, 2014 will see a significant chance of turbulence in your company’s workforce management operations if you don’t take action right away. Blah, blah…. (Editor left that in.)

So while we may see Mother Nature bringing a storm called Kronos sometime this winter, and all we can do to prepare for that one is to buy up all the milk and bread off the store shelves, in an interesting twist of fate, it is Kronos who is helping to prepare you to ride out what might be the most troublesome disruption to your business this year.

Thanks, big guy.

Here are the latest Kronos Customer Portal resources to help you prepare for the Java Runtime Environment 1.7 (JRE 1.7) security changes and resulting impact to your Kronos Workforce Central v6.1 6.2 6.3 & 7 systems:

  • Webinar – Oracle JRE 1.7 Call to Action – recorder December 13, 2013
    • Call to Action Summary
    • Issue background
    • What’s my exposure and fix?
    • Can Kronos do this for me?
  • KB46786 – Java Out of Date Warning with JRE 1.7.0_25 & 1.7.0_40 plugins
  • TA101140 – JRE 1.7.0_25 & 1.7.0_40 Update Prompt and Issues Discovered
  • TA101136 – JRE 1.7.0_45 Warning Message
  • KB47171 – How To Determine If You Will Be Impacted by the 1.7.0_51 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Security Changes
  • KB45082  – Java JRE update 25 (1.7.0_25) and WFC signed applets
  • KB45534 – Java JRE Security Issues Q&A

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