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A life well lived… and enduring

December 11, 2013

piazza(Work)Joyce lost her dad on Monday to Alzheimer’s and time. I met Mr. O’Donnell a few times at the O’Donnell family Fourth of July celebration in Rockport, MA.  Tom O’Donnell was a veteran of the Korean war, started and ran a fishing business for 50 years, and even helped represent the US during one of the earliest trade missions to the former Soviet Union. That’s quite the resume right there, but to me, a big part of his legacy sits in the office next to mine every day. There sits the girl that was raised to not bat an eyelash when she played on the high school golf team. The boys team. And that was in the 60’s… I think.  Then there was the sales call with the fishnet… Oh, wait. She may not want that story told here, but I bet her dad loved it.

I love this picture of Tom and Claire. On Facebook, Joyce wrote, “Rome is for lovers.” It’s grainy, like a fading memory, but it exudes the spark of life they gave their daughter, the twinkle in her eye, and the echoing laughter that lives in her, and the rest of us benefit from.

Enjoy the Piazza Della Rotonda forever, Tom and Claire.

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  1. December 11, 2013 5:52 pm

    Thanks, Leo, for this lovely piece.


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