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“Pepsi Syndrome” for Kronos Workforce Central?

December 10, 2013

JRE 1.7 issue Kronos“Saturday Night Live” was a Saturday night staple back in college. The first episode I recall viewing was episode 1 in season 4. Yep, you can look stuff up on the internet. On a couch on a shag rug on the desert floor in Tucson, Arizona, I was curious about how um, different the Rolling Stones were that night. The band played “Beast of Burden“, “Respectable” and “Shattered” from their new album Some Girls. So began the “new Stones” v. the “old Stones” debate, and that was on Oct 07, 1978, but that’s not important right now…

In April ‘79 of that SNL season, the troupe performed a skit called “The Pepsi Syndrome.” The bit was a takeoff on the movie “The China Syndrome,” which was released just 3 weeks earlier. Ironically, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred twelve days after the film’s release. It’s funny (strange) that in the promo for the episode on Amazon, cast members Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd are featured, and Ackroyd “punches in” to work on an old mechanical time clock! Kronos was founded the same year…

Now spilling a Pepsi on your keyboard won’t bring your system down, but there’s a Java JRE release coming out that could impact Kronos Workforce Central systems all the way to China… I’ve already blogged about this a few times, and I will be your beast of burden. All I want is for you read the TA… (It does kinda rhyme with the song…)

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