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Moving the cloud puck forward

December 9, 2013

pond-hockeyIt’s not yet officially winter here in New England, but an icy chill has descended. As I looked out my window this morning, the company blog thing prevents me from writing what I muttered to myself while reaching for a warm fleece. Hey, at least there’s hockey. Scanning the news, I see it’s time for 2013 and 2014 lists. I’m making a list, and yeah, checking it twice. Here’s a few from the interwebs:


Speaking of memorable quotes, here’s a few about the Kronos cloud this year. The first one really reveals two of Kronos’ great strengths, industry, workforce, and technology expertise. The combination frees organizations to focus on serving their customers instead of on technology:

“Kronos has deep expertise in the cloud and in the long-term care industry, both of which enabled us to expedite our implementation and quickly achieve measurable results. Kronos is alleviating so many aspects of managing our workforce, freeing us to focus even more on providing quality resident care.”
– Mike Evans, vice president of IT and Jeri Hamilton, director of benefits/employment, Baptist Community Services

“The proliferation of cloud computing is driving outstanding momentum for Kronos, best demonstrated by a 51 percent year-over-year increase in workforce management cloud revenue.”
– Aron Ain, Kronos chief executive officer

“The Kronos Cloud is transforming the way organizations think about and deploy workforce management solutions. From the SMBs that power our global economy to the world’s largest enterprises, thousands of organizations around the world rely on the Kronos Cloud to keep their workforce management solution running smoothly and cost-effectively every day.”
– Jim Welch, chief product officer, Kronos

Speaking of Mr. Welch, he spoke my favorite Kronos cloud quote of the year. I typically hate clichés used as business metaphors, but I liked this one. It spoke to keeping our amazing momentum in cloud going, particularly in making the cloud experience great for customers. Plus, any C-level executive that uses a hockey metaphor is OK with me…

“We’ve got to keep moving the puck forward.”

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