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Obscured by Clouds

December 4, 2013

Pink Floyd – Obscured by Clouds

Maybe the author had “a case of the Mondays” when he wrote, Time to retire term ‘cloud computing.’ I’m trying to figure out what the point of the article is other than he thinks the terms “cloud computing” and “SaaS” obfuscate. I was entertained by the piece, especially the nasty gems he crafted:

“…Marc Benioff’s antic hype…”
“…their CEOs are frequently doughy and graying…” (love that one!)
“…Citrix – selling software that let office workers connect remotely and securely to their employers’ computer network at any hour from any location, thus destroying many an employee’s nights and weekends…”
‘…the emptiness of “cloud computing” may have already achieved the Web 2.0 level of meaning nothing but a break from the past.’

What really got me was this:

“SaaS… in the end, is merely converting the inherently boring business software market from sales to rentals.”

I have to disagree. It’s much more than that in enterprise software, and even that, the rental thing – the ability to pay over time from an operating budget instead of outlaying a large chunk of capital for servers and software licenses is significant to many businesses. In our “inherently boring business software market,” our customers tell us they’re moving to Kronos cloud services for very practical reasons:

  • “For the product knowledge.”
  • “Upgrades.”
  • “Over the long-term, it will save us money”
  • “We had to implement rapidly.”
  • “Our IT was maxed out.”
  • “They manage and monitor our complex interfaces.”
  • “We were at end of life on our servers.”
  • “We have a personal team supporting us.”
  • “We want our internal IT focused on cost systems.”
  • “Corporate initiative to go to cloud.”
  • “Kronos expertise.”

In our workforce management space, and with enterprise software in general, many customers see the products as complex. They are. They automate sometimes very complex business processes. So for many of the reasons our customers cite, SaaS just helps make it easier. There’s nothing cloudy about that.

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