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400/400 Blog Post Club

November 26, 2013

social-customersThis is my 400th post on this (Work)Blog since the first one on October 1, 2010. In addition, my now dusty (Play)Blog has 853 posts since its birth in 2005, so I wanted to commemorate the occasion by claiming to be in the 400/400 club like the great legends of baseball. That club includes only players that stole 400 bases and hit 400 dingers in their career. I figure having 400 posts on two different blogs is just as rare, unfortunately there’s only one player in baseball history who’s done it, and he’s considered a cheater. For the record, I’ve never used PED’s in amassing my records, unless of course Maker’s Mark is considered a performance enhancing drug…

I’m proud of the fact traffic has doubled here two years in a row, but I do sometimes wonder if it’s worth my effort or just a waste of time. I’m sure some people think it is. Anyway, I thought I’d pause to provide some background on this space and what I hope it accomplishes…

The US is the dominant visitor traffic source, but all major Kronos geographies are represented in 2013, along with nearly 100 other countries:


Top posts in 2013

Where did they come from?
Search engines still dominate in 2013, but social media channels are significant and growing:


Where do we grow from here?
Aside from trying to establish a “personal voice” for Kronos, and attract interest in what we do in an interesting way, I hope to stimulate viewers (internal and external) enough to learn more. Many do. Here are the top ten destinations, or “click-throughs” for visitors to the Working Smarter Café in 2013:

  1. Cloud Services
  2. Kronos Careers
  3. Workforce Central Upgrade Program
  4. KronosLive! Local User Conferences
  5. Customer email on Java JRE 1.7 issue
  6. Kronos Big Data Infographic
  7. KronosWorks
  8. KnowledgePass
  9. Educational Services
  10. Affordable Care Act

So, I feel very good about what I’ve accomplished here, and  While there are plenty ways we waste time in the workplace, actually creating something to build interest in Kronos, and helping to educate customers, prospect, and employees about our value isn’t one of them.

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