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Lack of employee engagement costs Broncos dearly

November 25, 2013

Denver Broncos v New England PatriotsAll week, all season really, talking football heads wondered, “How will Wes Welker impact the big Denver-New England game on November 24th?” For you non-fans, Welker signed in the off-season with Denver after 6 years in New England, and yeah, we miss him. “What Would Welker Do” was a storyline that went unanswered through 60 minutes, but finally was at 12:34AM EDT when the ex-Pat failed to field a punt with disastrous results for his new team. Like Maverick in “Top Gun” after Goose had been killed, Welker showed a bit of a confidence problem by not rushing up to field the punt. Like Maverick, Welker didn’t engage.

Employee engagement is a key component of business success, and as Forbes points out, the “Best Places to Work” are nailing it:

“HR leaders bang the employee engagement drum with good reason; employees engaged in their work are likely to be motivated, to remain committed to their employer and to stay focused on achieving business goals and driving the organization’s future. Disengaged employees can drag down others and impact everything from customer service to sales, quality, productivity, retention and other critical business areas.”

When an organization invests in enterprise software, a huge factor in the success of the project is whether employees engage with the software. Do they understand why it’s important? Do they use it? Are they encouraged to learn more than the basics, and really push it for additional benefit? Unfortunately, many organizations back away from the ball on this, and it costs them dearly. In fact, Forrester Research indicates that lack of user adoption is the primary cause for 70 percent of failed projects.

We can help. Well, we can’t help Wes Welker or the Broncos, but Kronos can help customers increase their user adoption, and thereby help them get more from their software, and a better return on their investment.

Now I need more coffee or a nap…

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