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Penalty for Lack of Follow-Through

November 20, 2013

Gronk marriedI’m a little late to the whine and cheese fest after my home team was beaten 24-20 on Monday Night Football. Yeah, we Patriots fans are still livid over the non-penalty call on the last play of the game, pictured here. Back judge Terrence Miles did throw a penalty flag on the play, but head referee Clete Blakeman picked up the flag and the game ended with no explanation given. My inside sources tell me Blakeman said it was not pass interference or holding, but simply “a warm, man-hug” by Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly on the Patriots Rob Gronkowski. In other fantasy football news, the Kuechly-Gronkowski wedding is scheduled for June. You can see the touching video of Kuechly proposing right here… OK, I made up Blakeman’s explanation, and the wedding thing, but I’m still quite upset.

Yeah, we can whine about the non-call, but the reality is that Tom Brady threw a bad pass while pressured by approaching defensive lineman wanting to um, engage him. Backpedaling, Brady lacked his usual follow-through and the pass was under-thrown. Yep. Simple lack of follow-through resulted in failure for the Pats Monday night, and is a cause of failure in many business initiatives. Let me explain. It’s a change management thing.

Last week at KronosWorks, I was ascending an elevator, and another conference attendee hopped on right behind me. I turned, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: “Hi, I’m Leo. I work for Kronos.”
Her: “Oh, I know who you are.”
Me: (thinking she was a fan of this space or knew me for some positive reason…)
Her: “You write those annoying Program X emails…”
Me: (stunned, then irritated) “Oh, that’s so nice to hear.”

OK, so my co-workers rudeness aside, she knew about Program X, and so does every other employee the program is designed to benefit, because since we launched it over six years ago, I have consistently got the message out in an effective, albeit annoying, way. For any business initiative to be successful, you’ve got to continually “pulse” the message out there so that over time it can rise above all the other noise your audience is inundated with, and actually be heard, absorbed, and understood. I don’t care how big a launch you have for your sales, CSAT, morale, wellness, user adoption, or whatever program, if you don’t follow-through with consistent reinforcing communication over time, it will come up short, just like Brady’s pass on Monday night.

So while Patriots Nation mourns our loss, other NFL fans rejoice, as illustrated by this touching Facebook post by a Steelers fan:

Pats Hater Post

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