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Thanksgiving Retail Turkeys?

November 18, 2013
thankful trample

Thanksgiving, Black Friday by Chris Piascik

In spite of my affinity for tech toys, I’m really trying this year to avoid more “stuff,” and focus on the experiential joys of the holidays. What a load of crap. I want a soundbar to accessorize the LED TV in my man-cave! In preparation, I’ve been scouring the inter-webs for deals and to figure out is the Sonus stuff really worth it? During my exhaustive research I’ve discovered that Black Friday is starting early this year – like on Thanksgiving. Yep. “Let us give thanks and eat this damn bird so we can race out to buy more stuff!” I’m a little torn on this one. I love that Costco, Nordstrom and others are refusing to enlist their employees, and I even received one of those petitions to protest another giant retailer that’s planning to open. The reason I’m conflicted is that any employee working on that day will have to receive either time and a half or double-time pay to do it. That could help working families celebrate the holidays however they like…

In other news, tomorrow, November 19, 2013 at 2pm ET, Ventana Research is conducting a webinar called Workforce Management in the Cloud. Ventana studied Kronos customers in the cloud, and Ventana’s Stephen Millard will discuss the findings, and share both why workforce management customers are moving to the cloud, and the benefits they’re receiving.


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