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Earning Loyalty One Customer at a Time

November 13, 2013

20131113-102459.jpgCustomer conferences are a time for building relationships, learning, and having fun. Last night, most of the 2,000 or so KronosWorks attendees enjoyed a “New York street party” at Universal Orlando. I personally checked two family boxes by going on the nasty fun Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster for my son, and mingling with minions for my grand-daughter. Fun, fun, fun.

One thing that’s not fun is hearing about customers having bad experiences with our product or services… especially when it happens in front of a roomful of other customers and prospects. Yesterday, that happened during a panel discussion featuring 3 cloud services customers called, “Our Experience with the Kronos Cloud.” In case you haven’t heard, the cloud is a huge strategic initiative for Kronos, and we currently have over 500 Workforce Central customers in our cloud… The panelists represented 2 large hoteliers, and a state government agency. They discussed their experiences, both good and bad. The session was going great, and our CEO, Aron Ain, our VP of Support Services, several members of our cloud organization, and yours truly were feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good about things when suddenly a hand shot up in the front of the room. “I want whatever support level you have, because I’m not getting that!” Ugh… She went on to describe service pack installations not going well, and other issues her organization had experienced. The panelists explained the Kronos processes used to schedule and install service packs, and the regular communications they have with their Kronos cloud support resources. Our Kronos moderator reassured the customer, and told her several people were in the room who would help her, but the session concluded without the soaring music of a happy Hollywood ending. While some CEO’s might have slid out the side door, Aron rose from his seat and walked directly to the customer up front to shake her hand and find out more.

I saw Aron in the hall afterward. He was frustrated a customer was having a poor experience, but he was OK that she told her story publicly. He said, “we need to hear it. We’re not perfect, but I think our customers know and appreciate that when something goes wrong, we work hard to make it right.”

We do, and we will. I think that one of the reasons we’ve earned the loyalty of customers like the ones here at KronosWorks.

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  1. Wayne Warmack permalink
    November 20, 2013 8:44 am

    The one thing about my experience working for Kronos and Mr Ain is that however bad a situation may be he is going to make it right for the customer and the employees. He has given unconditionally to his employees and trusts that they do the very best for the customer professionally. He doesn’t walk away nor sugarcoat a challange and for that I give him high praise and respect. Not every experience is going to be smooth but Kronos overall does correct the situation and turn it into a positive at the end.


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