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Socializing at KronosWorks

November 12, 2013

20131112-111531.jpgYesterday was the most social day at KronosWorks ever. That’s right, evah. The opening session um, opened with a video that I don’t remember that well, because I was tweeting or something. Anyway, the video involved a hip looking dude looking worried because he got word that his significant other was going into labor, so he used his Kronos mobile/social app to let his boss know he wouldn’t be a work superstar that day because the stork was swooping in low. A bunch of Kronos magic went on in the background so that the business could run without the hip dude, and he made it to the hospital right in time… Then our CEO walked out on stage to let everyone know Mom was fine, as was her 6 pound, 11 ounce girl. (I’m guessing at the facts. I think it was a girl…) It was awesome. A while later, our Product VP, Bill Bartow demonstrated the upcoming social capabilities for Workforce Central 7 (I told you this was coming…). Seeing the new functionality, R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research said,

“Until now, we’ve largely seen enterprise social networking and gamification techniques applied to innovation programs. Organizations must bring social networking and collaboration into an entirely new realm. Those who do are truly doing something innovative and will stand out in the marketplace.”

Yeah. The social thing is here, so later in the opening session, Jenna, our “Social Media Mom,” was interviewed (she was gigantic up on the big screens), and encouraged attendees to tweet about the conference using hashtag #KW2013, and that every tweet would trigger a $5 donation to Hire Heroes USA, in honor of Veteran’s Day. Hmmm… “Hashtag.” Many of you reading this may begin to glaze seeing the weird Twitter word, but don’t. It freaked me out a little at first, but now #imahashtagexpert, and I’m a middle aged man. In other words, “not cool.” To help other guys like me, and all of our attendees, we brought in social media expert, Crystal Washington to help us. Her session was jam packed, and her clear and easy delivery was the perfect pitch to ease concerns of non-twitterers. Nearby, Social Media Mom and “TKM” helped nervous customers and Kronites through the space-time teleporter (yes, we have one) into the Twittersphere. The thing is, Twitter is an incredibly valuable community of business content curation. Plus, unlike blogs that can drone on and on and… well, you know, “tweets” are confined to 140 characters. It’s a great “get to the point already” limitation that works.

Speaking of limitations, I’d love to keep going about the great meal conversations I had with HR bloggers Victorio Milian and Robin Schooling, but I’m respectful of your limits, plus I have to go meet Sharlyn Lauby. Day 3 is underway!

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