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The “Secret” of Kronos’ Success

November 11, 2013

20131111-064617.jpgI write this from high above court side, about 30,000 feet in fact. It’s Sunday, and I’m on a plane headed to Orlando with colleagues, loves, parents, children and grandchildren, but not mine. Kids and grandkids, that is. (Play)Joyce isn’t here, either, but (Work)Joyce is right there in 14D, editing her own blog post. We’re on our way with several other co-workers to KronosWorks, our annual customer confab. Over a thousand of our net promoters (I hope!) are traveling right now, or did yesterday or earlier. Many of them are away from their families and loved ones, too. Sure, we’ll all have some fun, make new connections, and hopefully learn from the experience, but there’s some personal sacrifice we all make doing it. We’re very thankful so many of our customers make that sacrifice to journey each year, and we don’t take it for granted. Every time we do an event like this, the big guy always thanks us, and thanks our families for the sacrifices they make so we can do what we do for Kronos. He says to give them a big hug and thank them for him. I’m not kidding. The relationships we have with each other and with our customers is the “secret” to our success, and as “the Jack Nicholson” of our cloud customers recently said, “and that starts at the top.”

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