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November 8, 2013

Twitter went public yesterday, and the nouveau riche made plans to buy beach-side homes and Teslas, but not me. Not yet. I’m still here blogging for the people. “TWTR” was offered as a publicly traded company with a share price of $26, and by the end of its first trading day, buyers had increased that value by 73%. Not everyone believes in the “micro-blogging” social media site, in fact a relatively small number of people use it as compared to say, Facebook, but personally I find it a much more effective (and fun) way to reach a business audience. (Play)Joyce claims I’m good at “snippets,” which I suppose is another name for “tweets.” I do find it fun and challenging to craft snippets promoting the content I create here:


Anyway, speaking of KronosWorks chocolaty goodness, besides our KronosWorks social app contest, and great sessions, I want to chat a little about our services areas in the Expo Hall:

Kronos is More Valuable in the CloudKronos is More Valuable in the Cloud
The Big Cloudhuna! Find out how to migrate your Workforce Central system to the Kronos Cloud and never again worry about servers, databases, service packs, or upgrades!

Upgrades — Implementations — Technology — Education
Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but if you’re upgrading, adding new products, or need training, stop by to get your questions answered, and catch a demo of all the great training content in KnowledgePass!

Report Writing — Integration — Product Extensions
Last year, these booths were slammed because the people in them know how to write reports, integrate Kronos with every other system ever invented, and can show you product extensions like our Attestation Tool Kit, and the brand new Full-Time/Part-Time Report to help with ACA compliance!

Live Technical Support
Application and technology experts from Kronos Global Support and product engineering will be on site to answer your questions!

Customer Portal
When you’re not face to face with our KGS team, our newly redesigned is the best place for answers 24 hours a day! Come take it for a spin and find out how the customer portal can help you work smarter!

I hope to see some of you at the conference starting Sunday. You can tweet me @SmarterCafe. Oh, and here’s a quick Instagram of the Expo from the awesome program guide!

KW expo guide

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