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Smell the Chocolate (and eat it) at KronosWorks!

November 7, 2013

chocolate glyphsLast week on Friday, the day after Halloween, I worked from home. After a healthy breakfast, some actual work, and a trip to the gym for lunch, I ate a salad. Then things got dark. Dark chocolaty, to be specific. Like a menacing UFO, I hovered over Chocolatetown, and one by one abducted the entire Reeses family, and then the Kit-Kat triplets. Only the Starbursts survived. Fortunately for them, they were not chocolate. In fact, after that early afternoon salad, if it wasn’t covered in chocolate, I didn’t eat it. Yes, I felt guilty about the victims, but they weren’t alone. The scale broke the news to me Saturday morning…

A study by Belgian researchers showed that when smelling chocolate, “book shoppers showed a greater tendency to take their time, check out a variety of titles, and/or chat with an employee.” So that’s my strategy to get our KronosWorks attendees to take their time, visit all of our services booths in the Expo, and chat with our beautiful services professionals. Oh, and grab some chocolate!

white chocolate cloudsThat’s right. We’ll have the delightfully dark chocolate glyph coins like last year, plus, and this is big, we’ll have custom made clouds of white chocolate in our soaring cloud booth! That’s right, custom! I’m sure whoever we got them from had professional grade chocolate molds made. When I was told the high-calorie cost, I thought hard, but then exclaimed, “I want chocolate clouds for our customers! But white. They’re clouds.” Sure, as John Hammond said in Jurassic Park, “We’ve spared no expense,” but we had a great year, and these are so our customers will linger, chat, and buy Kronos services! The chocolate ROI will be HUGE!

White chocolate clouds. They’re dreamy. I’m not really into white chocolate, but you may be. This guy sure is…

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