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Send Lawyers, Guns Gamification and Money!

November 4, 2013

KW2013 AppLast week something I posted triggered the “somebody get the net for Leo alarm” in the legal department. OK, I kid the legal department with my hyperbole. It wasn’t that bad. My faux pas, literally a “social blunder,” was to blog that I’d be handing out cash for tweets at KronosWorks, beginning one week from today. That was incorrect, so I edited my post to reflect what we’re really doing. You know, with the shaky ethics present in some companies, I’m comforted knowing my company pays such close attention to contests involving $50 gift cards.

Kronos is More Valuable in the CloudAnyway, the way to get in on the fun, and keep up with everything going on at KronosWorks, is to download our official interactive mobile app, available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android phones and tablets, and a web-based app for other devices. With the KronosWorks app you can view the daily agenda and course details, connect with other attendees, check out our exhibitors, and more! So the “more” part is where I come in. I’ll be monitoring the “activity feed” of all attendees (you can, too), and if I see you’ve posted some clever “status update” about a services session or services expo booth, like the gigantic Kronos is more Valuable in the Cloud booth, you may win a $50 AMEX gift card!

So it’s “status updates” on the KronosWorks app, not “tweets” I’ll be looking for. Oh, you can tweet away, too. I just can’t reward that kind of behavior…

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