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Game of Blogs

November 1, 2013

Work(Joyce)This blog received more traffic in October than in any previous month since its launch over 3 years ago, in September, 2010. That’s great, but today I’m back to zero, and dark forces are at work to steal my throne. That’s right, (Work)Joyce and her PR minions (not to be confused with purple minions) are plotting to end my reign as the dominant power in the Kronos blogosphere.

You can’t let that happen. My goals here are completely selfless, and have nothing at all to do with a gigantic ego:

  1. Provide honest and entertaining content to Kronos customers and employees.
  2. Practice writing for my next (well, first) great American novel.
  3. Crush (Work)Joyce.

You can help by sharing the love:

1. See these buttons?

share buttonsThese are fake, but at the bottom of every post are the real ones. Click on those to share posts you like on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks you’re in.

2. Sign up for email notifications of new posts. Look for this:







3. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn, and retweet or share posts you like.

That’s it for now. As Bon Scott of AC/DC once sang, “It’s a long way to the top, if you want to stop my roll.” Help me. You can prevent this:

evil victory

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