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Everything I know about communities, I learned from Rock & Roll…

October 28, 2013

rock communitiesKristen Gastaldo is a rock star. I wanted to be a rock staah, but the closest I came was the “air” variety in college. Ms. Gastaldo is of the grown-up variety. The headliner of this post was the title of her presentation on the Blackbaud AltruTM community, and her weaving experience as a music venue manager with that of a community manager was lyrical.

I’m still learning the community thing, and want to explore more of what Get Satisfaction, Lithium, and Jive have going on. As I described in a previous post on social media at Technology Services World, many B4B companies are still trying to figure out how to leverage social tools, and communities are an emerging part of the mix, especially where support is a key part of the customer experience.

Kronos has “community” to an extent in our customer support forums (login required), but for one thing, they aren’t searchable by Google and other search engines, and that’s how people look for answers in 2013. Being searchable is just one of the value propositions community platforms offer. Others include customers asking and responding to each other’s technical questions, and discussing innovative ways to use your system. It seems to me this increased customer engagement in communities would improve customer satisfaction and retention, but that needs confirmation.

As a music fan who’s swung and missed at grabbing a set list off a stage, I really appreciated this line where Kristen crystallized the community experience for customers:

“And you know the only thing better than having a copy of the set list? Helping to write it.”

Yeah, Kristen was great, and she used a Spinal Tap reference… The woman goes to 11.

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