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Jack and Alec

October 25, 2013

jack and alecWorking with “talent” can be challenging. Yeah, there are lists of the most notoriously difficult to work with in Hollywood, so when I was tasked with pursing two customers for our “The Cloud Experience” show at our sales kickoff in Orlando, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Man, I lucked out. I previously described our two customers as “the Jack Nicholson of customer interviewees,” and “one of the Baldwin brothers.” Actually, the second is a second cousin of the famous four. They could not have been better to work with, and the contrast between the two, both personally and as customers could not have worked better. “Jack” is a baby boomer from Texas. He represents a huge global hotelier of 85,000 employees using our Workforce Central suite in the cloud. “Alec” is much younger, from New York, and runs IT for a 600 employee company running businesses from long-term care to health clubs. Alec’s company uses Workforce Ready. In spite of their great differences, their reasons for using workforce management in the cloud are very similar, and came down to a couple basics:

  1. Letting Kronos experts run their systems allows them to focus more on their business.
  2. They can use broader and deeper functionality in the software because their focus is on using the software, not managing it.

The Cloud Experience picI had a great time with Jack and Alec, and greatly appreciate them taking time from their schedules to share their stories with our sales team. After three showings of “The Cloud Experience,” we were all beat.  Jack joined a few Kronites for dinner, while young Alec emailed me that he’d be dining with his wife and young kids. They had mixed in a little family pleasure with our business. I replied, “That’s where you should be. Thanks so much for your help. Have fun.”

We did have fun. Thanks again, Jack and Alec.

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