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October 22, 2013

Day 1 of Technology Services World didn’t disappoint, mostly because of SAP’s Anand Eswaran, and Todd Hewlin of TCG Advisors. The biggest takeaway from Mr. Eswaran was the idea of companies moving from “services” to a “service.” In other words, well, my words, instead of just offering customers a portfolio of professional, educational, cloud, support, and other services, we simply help them be successful. We help them achieve the business outcomes that trigger their investment decision in the first place.

20131022-082856.jpgTodd Hewlin covered 3 primary areas like a good presenter should. First was a Clayton Christianson-sequel discussion of business disruptions, but with the twist of not seeing them coming, like name any tech company not seeing Amazon’s entry to the cloud computing space. The second was the elevated expectations of owners and investors seeing XaaS (anything as a service) driving screaming growth and huge valuations on Wall Street. Finally, Mr. Hewlin touched on something called “the Consumption Analytics Stack,” which was the most fascinating to me. You should check it out in the new book he co-authors with J.B.Wood and Thomas Law, B4B.

No 24 hours in Vegas is never bad when SushiSamba is on the agenda, and last night didn’t disappoint. I also got to know a couple of my Kronos peeps a little better. It was a long day, that began at 4:30AM Eastern, and finished 23 1/2 hours later. The one conference rule in Vegas is, “you gotta answer the bell.” Well, here I am.

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