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Among the clouds

October 21, 2013

20131021-085330.jpgActually, I’m above the clouds as I write this from 24F above a comforting blanket of clouds en route to Vegas, baby! I faked that exuberance. I’ll be sick of Vegas by tomorrow, but I am looking forward to Technology Services World. Specifically, I’m seeking more understanding of how social and big data are evolving in the tech services domain. Oh, and cloud, including an SAP keynote, “SAP’s Transformation to Outcome-Based Service Offerings.” Today, a headline about the German giant screamed, SAP Profits up 23 Percent as Cloud Computing Grows. Hmmm… Sounds like another software company I know.

Anyway, TSW schedule scanning has me focused on:

– Benchmarking Your Way to Customer Community Success
– Utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) Analytics to Transform Your Services Business
– Enterprise Services Transformation in the Cloud: Achieving Service Organization Breakthroughs at Kronos
– Stump the Panel: Empowering Service Organizations to Take Community to the Next Level
– Social Media: The New Customer Service Channel
– Transforming Managed Services Offerings in a Cloud- based Economy
– Sales Transformation – Upsell and Cross-Sell: Leveraging Your Consultants to Capture Untapped Revenue Potential

I expect this years extracurricular activities to be subdued. I won’t have my pals Joey and Matt this year, but I’ll try to come up with a story or two to entertain. Since there’s a guy behind me hacking like Walter White, maybe it will be about catching typhoid…

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