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Coming Down Again (from The Cloud Experience)

October 17, 2013

IMG_20131016_163727I’m just departing our annual Sales kickoff in Orlando, and the one session I was responsible for was, “The Cloud Experience.” Yeah, that again. The cloud. The momentum to transition Kronos to a cloud company is phenomenal, but it’s nowhere near peaked. For example, we now have over 500 customers in our Workforce Central Private Cloud, but we still have thousands more running and managing the product in their own data centers. Overall, we have over 9,000 customers in the cloud across all of our product lines, including the hyper-growth Workforce Ready for small to mid-sized customers.

IMG_20131016_164103With the enormous opportunity still ahead of us, we wanted to immerse our Sales team in the cloud, and man, we did. After weeks of being a stressed out father, whiner to (Play)Joyce, and cranky employee, yesterday was the big day. We designed the event to be like a show at WallyWorld, complete with waiting line “infotainment,” real clouds from a fog machine, the show, and a “backstage tour.” We even had a Playbill! The team and I created PowerPoint slides for the darkened (it’s amazing what dark can do for atmosphere!) entry tunnel with monitors highlighting our cloud successes and the huge opportunity, and we looped our 30 second cloud radio spots. It was very cool.

IMG_20131016_163552The Cloud Experience really connected with our Sales and Pre-Sales teams, and the 3 sessions received all five star reviews, with one attendee commenting, “Probably the best breakout of the day.” Our attendees loved hearing the interview by Andrew Manos of Kronos with two very different cloud customers, one the “Jack Nicholson of customer interviewees,” and the second, a second cousin of the Baldwin brothers… No, really. He is. After the theater sessions, attendees crushed our information kiosks in the backstage tour as they clamored for more information on selling the cloud, getting customers upgraded to the cloud, what’s actually in the cloud, and  how we’re delivering the cloud experience our customers expect.

With the big show behind us, it was time to celebrate, and we did. Let’s just say I woke up yesterday morning with my head having its own personal “cloud experience.”

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  1. Kelley permalink
    October 17, 2013 9:38 am

    Sounds awesome, Leo! Nice work! 🙂

  2. Peter permalink
    October 17, 2013 10:20 am

    Great job to the entire team that put the Cloud Experience together!


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