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13 Cloud Cream Puffs for Kronos Sales

October 15, 2013

Glengarry-Glen-Ross-Playbill-03-84Last night we kicked off our fiscal 2014 year with an opening session to fire up the troops, followed by dinner and drinks out by the pool in balmy Orlando. There were Sales Executives everywhere in every shape and size! One guy near a bar backed away to let other thirsty kids in and exclaimed, “Hey, I’m a fat guy. It is what it is!” I love a fat guy with a sense of humor.

Today is a big day for me as we premier “The Cloud Experience,” a little production featuring lots of cloud propaganda, and a Q&A with two of our cloud customers. Now if my evil plot for Kronos blog domination succeeds, I should have a few hundred Sales Executives reading this today. This post is for them.

Hi Salespeeps. You had a spectacular year in fiscal 2013, but now what? Well, there’s that cloud thing everyone keeps talking about. My cheesey ad in the “Playbill” we put together says, “Blogging about the cloud since 1958!” That’s a little fib, but I have posted literally hundreds of times on the cloud. Maybe some of them you can share with your customers (just like your peer Matt does) to help them learn about our cloud stuff, or maybe just for fun? It’s a relationship thing. Anyway, here’s a Baker’s Dozen to get you started reaching for the clouds in 2014. If things go well today, maybe I’ll be more fun tonight…

  1. “5,800 people with guns line up outside my office…”
  2. Landing a Service Pack
  3. HR Employee Data in the Cloud – Are You Cirrus?
  4. Voice of the (Cloud) Customer
  5. Kronos Cloud Film Festival!
  6. Kronos Beauty Talk Beta!
  7. Beer Ban in the Kronos cloud!
  8. Silver Linings Cloud
  9. Hockey and the Cloud (in that order…)
  10. Manufacturing Success
  11. 12.12.12
  12. Fifty Shades of Cloud
  13. There’s No Place Like Cloud

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