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Crowdsourcing Kronos

October 14, 2013

I missed both of these yesterday…

double steal 10-13-13The TV’s on my JetBlue flight flicked off shortly after the New Orleans Saints stunned the New England Patriots by taking a 27-23 lead with a couple minutes remaining. I thought the game was over. As we deplaned, I chatted with some work colleagues before hitting the men’s room. Exiting there, I heard a tremendous crowd roar outside. I asked a stranger what had happened. “Boston scored.” “Boston?” I thought. A quick glance at the airport bar TV was replaying Tom Brady’s last-second touchdown pass for the New England Patriots that I missed… A few hours later, I whiffed on the unlikely comeback of the Red Sox on an 8th inning grand slam by David Ortiz. Again, I was chatting with co-workers, and had kind of given up on the home team, down 5-1, and their bats lifeless.

I’m in Orlando for our new fiscal year Sales kickoff, and catching up with friends and fellow “Kronites” is the best part. Interspersed with talk of children and life events is the work stuff. I get to hear from the people out there working with customers to understand and try to meet their needs. A recent Wired Innovations post, Why Crowdsourcing is the Next Cloud Computing reminded me of this phenomenon. I listen, and I learn. It’s a skill I can always improve on, and what I’m hearing will help me improve the marketing messages we develop for cloud, customer education, and even niche solutions like our ACA tools. So I missed a lot, but learned a lot in a late night and early morning. There’s much more to learn. Sales isn’t even here yet.

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