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Testing Anxiety

October 3, 2013

I love guest posts, and today’s is from Terri Edkins, a Senior Manager on our Services Marketing team…

testing anxietyI don’t like tests. I was a straight A student, did all my homework, and generally did well when tested on most classroom material. But math tests and standardized SAT’s were another story. Both brought me to me knees. In my senior year of college, my uncle, a very smart engineer with one bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees, tried patiently to tutor me so I could pass my pre-calculus class. He finally threw up his hands in frustration and I dropped the class.

If you’re going to be implementing Kronos workforce management software, adding new products, or upgrading, don’t let the testing process get the better of you. Relax and let our Advanced Testing Services help you. We’ll work with you to recommend a testing plan that make sense for your organization. If you need them, we can also provide experienced resources to augment your own staff . And unlike my uncle, we won’t throw up our hands in frustration! I promise.

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