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Does your HR Business Partner know Jack about STEM?

October 1, 2013

To quote HAL9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey:

“My mind is going. I can feel it.”

william tincupYeah, I occasionally have lapses like HAL, but I still retain vivid recollections of my grad-student, science-guy roommates from long ago in Tucson. I hope to preserve those memories indefinitely by reading about them in my blog… I was reminded of those incredibly smart guys this morning when I read William Tincup’s “Fistful of Talent” post on STEM, SHRM and the Body of Knowledge. While science, technology, engineering and mathematics were the schoolwork of my roommates, they also worked hard to be well versed in the humanities, including the arts, history, and politics. They were smart, and worked hard to be knowledgeable.

Now along comes Mr. Tincup over 30 years later to suggest HR Professionals need to work hard and be more knowledgeable by adding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to their current core body of knowledge:

  • Business Management and Strategy
  • Workforce Planning and Employment
  • Human Resource Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Risk Management

William’s post is definitely worth the read, and signing his petition (by commenting) will bring a STEM requirement for HR professionals closer to reality. I love my HR peeps, and appreciate how they help move businesses forward. I think the STEM idea will help make them even more vital to the health and growth of the organizations they support.

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