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Don’t Ctrl-Alt-Del Destiny

September 27, 2013

ClippyYesterday the news hit that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates acknowledged that designing the Control-Alt-Delete keys together to log into a PC was a mistake in the early development of Microsoft DOS. The second richest (financially) human on the planet admitted a mistake, so I guess that’s news. Personally, I think “Clippy” was a huge, Vista-like disaster, but the “three-fingered salute” has bailed me out more than once.

I think the “mistake” most of us make with computers and software is underutilizing them, and Kronos users are no exception. One of the themes we’ve heard from our cloud customers is that by letting Kronos handle the system management tasks (service packs, upgrades, config changes, etc.), they can simply focus on using the software, including new, advanced features. Our KnowledgePass education portal is a great place to explore new features, and learn how to use them. There’s a bunch of Workforce Central 7 stuff up there right now.

Biff_Tannens_Pleasure_ParadiseMr. Gates also said “dropping out of Harvard” was a mistake. I don’t know about that, Bill. Microsoft was a pretty good gig. Plus, you know how in time-travel movies, there’s always a warning to not mess with past events or else Hill Valley could turn into a very seedy casino slum run by Biff Tannen? Yeah, that. Our journey is our journey, good and bad. If I didn’t grow up with the Gonnella’s, and then gone to Arizona for college, then Mark wouldn’t have met Shelley, and she wouldn’t have worked at NEC, nor would Mark have, so I wouldn’t have, and I never would have seen that beautiful woman, and I wouldn’t have known Tom Kimmel, or about Kronos, and well, I wouldn’t be writing this… As one commenter put it regarding Mr. Gates’ regret about leaving Harvard:

“Never turn your back on destiny.”

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