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Next Week – Last Day – New Year

September 26, 2013

KW13-185x245It’s not that confusing, but planning for it is. Next week is the last day of our fiscal year, and the beginning of a new one. It’s a crazy time as nearly everyone is focused on winning new customers and raising existing ones. Yeah, raising. Like into the cloud.

The acceleration of our cloud business is exploding, and next (fiscal) year, meaning Tuesday, we’ll all be even more focused on it. That’s what I’m working on this week, and last, and next… and the one after that… and so on. First up is our Sales kickoff meeting the week of Columbus Day. For that, I’m planning “The Cloud Experience,” where hundreds of our sales executives get to ride in the cloud! Well, sort of. Like a Disney ride, they’ll get to wait in line to get on, and they’ll exit through the gift shop. And the “ride” part will be powered by real live Kronos cloud customers, not some animatronics.

Speaking of customers, some 1,500 of them will join us in Orlando for KronosWorks November 10-13. We’ll have the cloud there, too, plus many other reasons to attend, including great sessions, education workshops, Kronos TechKnowledgy courses, and fun, including a street party. And you can save some party cake if you register by October 4th… Get on it! October is next week!

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