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Preventing an IT System Health Crisis

September 25, 2013

Today’s guest post is by Peter Crenshaw, Manager, Kronos Cloud Infrastructure

Pete CrenshawI recently went through a health scare and was hospitalized for a few days. While unexpectedly out of the office, I thought of the systems, processes and resources that are my responsibility within the organization to support. I have a wonderful team that stepped in and covered for me while I was out, but it got me thinking, what if I was the only one with the knowledge that was needed and an event occurred that I couldn’t be there for?

Every day businesses strive to support their customers, and IT departments strive to support the businesses. If the IT support staff is small or stretched to the max with projects and tasks, the challenge of keeping critical business systems running day to day can become daunting. When those critical resources are unexpectedly unavailable, small issues can become big ones that change from a simple problem to a complex behemoth of a situation. What can we do to help keep Kronos workforce management clients out of this type of situation?

The answer is simple: the Cloud. Moving systems to the cloud alleviates the risk of having a single point of contact suddenly not be available in a time of business need. The Kronos Private Cloud offers clients 24×7 support of their systems by dedicated teams, ready to assist with any issues that occur. We offer a sense of security to our clients in addition to decreasing their IT workload. That is a win across the board in my opinion.

I am on the road to recovery and my peace of mind is returning. In a similar way, Kronos provides our clients peace of mind in knowing their systems are healthy, and they have our support when they need it!

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