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Tripping on iOS7 and my eGO

September 24, 2013

ipad ios7 screenshot of wiredYesterday I downloaded ios7 to my iPad2, and it’s kinda trippy. It’s going to take some getting used to, but I didn’t cry like this kid. Another thing I won’t whine about is getting an article published on Wired’s Innovation Insights um, site. Yep, “Workforce Management Beyond the Cloud” is a riveting account of why so many of our customers are going cloud. The article is pretty much as I wrote it, except for this little piece cut from the start:

‘When I was asked to write this post, the general direction I received was, “this is a good opportunity for us to drive thought leadership about workforce management (WFM) in the cloud.” OK, but “the cloud” is played out, isn’t it? Hasn’t the cloud “tipping point” tipped?’

OK, now you can read the rest and be comforted knowing you got the unabridged version…

Oh, and here’s a tip on taking an iPad screenshot, because I had to find out…

  1. Press and hold the Home button
  2. Press and release the on/off button
  3. The screen should flash if you got the timing right
  4. Screen shot saved to camera roll

If you hold them both down at the same time you may end up restarting your phone if you wait long enough.


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