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NASA through the clouds…

September 9, 2013

TWS18.600.missioncontrolI love Space. It’s the final frontier, right? Well, I think there’s more to be discovered within our own brains if we looked hard enough, but that’s a post for another day. Some say the cloud’s not rocket science, yet it seems NASA has faced problems getting their cloud computing initiatives off the ground. We had similar challenges when we launched the Kronos cloud way back in 2006, but we’re on a moon-shot trajectory right now, with nearly as many customers wanting to ride as people longing for a one-way trip to Mars.

OK, back here on Earth, the Kronos cloud just makes things easy for our Workforce Central customers. They simply use the software while we host and manage it for them. That way, they can focus on their, um, mission statement. If they have such a thing.

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