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True SaaS? It’s a consideration…

September 6, 2013

Naomi tweet

Last week I wrote a post on… oh, what was it? Oh yeah. Kronos in the cloud. When I publish a post using WordPress, a tweet (do I have to explain that?) is sent out from my Twitter account. William Tincup then re-tweeted (thanks!) to his 214,000 followers, one of whom is Naomi Bloom. She is one of the most respected thought leaders in the enterprise software industry, and a strong advocate of “True” Software as a Service (SaaS). Ms. Bloom doesn’t just write about this stuff, she’s been a practitioner for years. Her blog is amazing. Naomi Bloom “gets it” from the strategic level to the 0’s and 1’s, so when she tweeted a comment responding to my tweet, it got my attention.

Now I’ve never claimed our Workforce Central product is “true SaaS” as defined by Ms. Bloom. Sure, I throw the “cloud” word around, but we (Kronos) do offer the “true SaaS” Workforce Ready to the SMB market, and our Workforce Talent Acquisition is also “true SaaS.” For Workforce Central, we host it, manage it, and customers can pay monthly as an operating expense… just like SaaS. Is it multi-tenant? No. Is it “elastic?” Uh, no, but are “true SaaS” vendors really deploying their software using an elastic model? In other words, if my workforce shrinks and I consume less of your “true SaaS” app, does my monthly pricing drop like when I use less electricity? That needs more research.

Here’s my point: “True SaaS” is a consideration, not the consideration for a workforce management software investment, and the vast majority of our customers don’t care.

On, Josh Greenbaum wrote, The Multi-tenancy SaaS Argument – It’s a Vendor, Not a Customer Issue. It’s from 2010, but one thing jumped out at me that still rings true today:

“…is the total package offered by SaaS vendor X – functionality, cost, TCO, lots of happy customers, etc. – competitive with the total package offered by SaaS vendor Y?”

Based on that equation, we win more than we lose, and unless the equation tilts away from our favor based on the “total package” factors, we will continue to. For customers that want it, we offer the leading workforce management software on the market, with most of the business benefits of SaaS: Workforce Central – In the cloud.

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  1. September 7, 2013 1:34 am

    While I do see her point, I’m definitely on your side with the equation. The real test is if you’re able to provide the right services, in the right way, at the right price. Just ticking the box for “True SaaS” seems like overkill in most situations.


  1. True SaaS? It’s a consideration… - SkyOffice Consulting | SkyOffice Consulting

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