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Landing a Service Pack

September 4, 2013

Last week I received an email regarding the release of a software service pack:

Workforce Central v6.3.9 is scheduled to post to the customer portal on August 30.


Image by Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson

Naturally, I thought of the 1980 comedy classic, “Airplane!” Well, specifically, I thought of a scene where the camera pans across the cockpit control panel for several long seconds, greatly exaggerating its size and complexity. I imagine to some stressed-out IT staff, with support responsibilities for all kinds of aging and home grown systems, having to install a Kronos service pack could appear that daunting, but it doesn’t have to be scary, and just think how it could save you from those pep talks with your IT folks:

Rex Kramer (Robert Stack): [talking to Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges)] Our only hope is to build this man up. We gotta give him all the confidence we can.
Rex Kramer: Striker, have you ever flown a multi-engine plane before?
Ted Striker (Robert Hays): No, never.
Rex Kramer: [to McCroskey, with the microphone still on] Shit! This is a God damn waste of time! There’s no way he can land this plane!

Let Kronos cloud services maintain and fly the “plane” for you. You just sit in First Class and enjoy the ride.

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