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Laboring at Success

August 30, 2013

bbj best places to work 2013Labor Day celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers in the United States, yet according to Labor Day By The Numbers in Forbes, 11.5 million workers, or 7.4% of the workforce are unemployed.

Check us out . We have 145 current job openings in all areas and geographies (including remote) of Kronos, including positions for software engineering talent, sales professionals, project managers, application consultants, and of course… the Kronos cloud.

Why Kronos?
First off, let’s be real. Very few people love every aspect of their job every moment of every day. I can get caught up in the occasional aggravation of a (any) workplace involving people and products and process, and I whine about it sometimes, but hey, that’s what (Work)Joyce, (Play)Joyce, and long weekends are for, right?

Overall, I don’t lose sight of what a great place to work Kronos is, and it does begin with the people. Actually, like a hack mathematician, I can almost reduce our success to an equation:

(Inspired Employees + Customer Focus) x (Great Products + the Cloud) = Long-Term Success

Please double check my math, and this weekend, if you’re looking for a great place to work, consider work inspired at Kronos.

Happy Labor Day!


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