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Freudian learning…

August 23, 2013

freud and jungLast night I chatted with Nina, the daughter of my best friend of 46 years, who passed away August 1st. Nina is sticking her toe back in the educational pool with college classes in Biology and Psychology this semester. As she described the differences between the theories of Freud and Jung, I couldn’t help but smile at her thoughtfulness and passion. I’m looking forward to helping her on life’s journey.

This morning while talking with one of my co-workers, he mentioned his oldest just left for another year at UVM. I said, “I wish I was leaving to go back to school.” Truth is, though, I never left. I’ve been a life-long learner, and will be as long as I have life to learn. The learning opportunities today are… Well, to borrow the melody and lyrical structure of the “Lion King” song, “Circle of Life:”

There’s more to learn than can ever be learned…

With the deep and wide functionality in the Workforce Central suite, that’s certainly true for Kronos customers, but they can go back to school any time they want with KnowledgePass available 24/7, and classes both live and virtual.  Take a look at these learning paths:

So don’t repress your feelings for workforce management. Jump into KnowledgePass, or sign up for a class or two. You’ll find them a very positive, conscious experience.

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