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Voice of the (Cloud) Customer

August 22, 2013

20130822-094537.jpgYesterday, I had the privilege of hearing 4 real live humans speak about their experience in the Kronos cloud. Two represented large hotel chains, one a large healthcare provider, and one a large US city. The city guy was great, very insightful and funny. City employees on his Kronos system include the police and fire departments. When asked what would happen if their Workforce Central application in the cloud went down, he quipped, “I’d have fifty-eight hundred people with guns outside my office.”

When asked why the chose the Kronos Cloud for their Workforce Central deployment, here’s what we heard:

  • “For the product knowledge.”
  • “Upgrades.”
  • “Over the long-term, it will save us money”
  • “We had to implement rapidly.”
  • “Our IT was maxed out.”
  • “They manage and monitor our complex interfaces.”
  • “We were at end of life on our servers.”
  • “We have a personal team supporting us.”
  • “We want our internal IT focused on cost systems.”
  • “Corporate initiative to go to cloud.”
  • “Kronos expertise.”

This morning we’re debriefing about what we heard. I observed that the customers see workforce management as complex, Workforce Central as the best solution, and the cloud as the way to make it easy. One of our current cloud employees, who used to be a cloud customer, condensed it beautifully:

“Kronos is more valuable in the cloud.”

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