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Cloud: “You will be assimilated.”

August 7, 2013

300K in cloud Q213I’m not a Trekkie, but their pop culture references do come in handy. I was going to call this post, “Cloud by Numbers,” but when I searched for a cool, representative graphic, all I found was digital cheesiness.  Anyway, we’ve got cloud graphics of our own, so I’m good. The point is, “the cloud” that I’ve been droning on and on and on about is now old news. Literally, millions of Kronos customer employees are now using Workforce Central from our cloud every day. Just in the three month period that ended on June 30th, we assimilated over 300,000 more Kronos customer employees to use Workforce Central from our cloud! Overall, we’re now supporting over 500 Workforce Central customers and over 2 million employees in the cloud. Why? Here are just a few ways our Workforce Central cloud simplifies workforce management for our customers:

  • Eases the burden of hosting and managing the applications, allowing customer IT resources to focus on priorities that help grow their business
  • Leverages our expertise and experience in Kronos environments and applications
  • Enhances system performance and availability with attention to the technology infrastructure, the applications, and integration with complementary systems
  • Minimizes compliance risk by keeping current on software versions, service packs, and legislative updates

Assimilation to the cloud is no longer if, but when.

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