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Don’t be afraid of the cloud

July 29, 2013

russell wolfifiedI was pulling grand-daughter duty on Saturday, so when the five-year old needs something, Big Papi is on it like David Ortiz and a dugout phonebox. In this case, Maddy was watching an episode of “Littlest Pet Shop” with a scary song sequence where all the pets think “Russell” is a werewolf. Yeah, when cute little Russell goes all Jack Nicholson, it’s intense and scary to my little blond. Anyway, Maddy dragged me upstairs like a security blanket, and I thought since she liked it so much, it would be cool to record it on our new FIOS Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The problem is the DVR is in the Set Top Box (STB) on another TV. I hit the record button anyway… “Voilà!” It let me record the program to the DVR box! Very cool. Later, when I told Maddy’s mom about it, Megan said, “Dad, it must be the cloud.” Hmmm… I’m not sure if it’s the cloud or a Local Area Network (LAN) between the STB’s, but I think C-level exec’s and IT professionals would both dig the feature, even if they don’t howl about the cloud in the same way…

This Forbes article by Joe McKendrick looks at a recent survey by Evolve IP, a cloud services company. It found that while 70% of C-level executives and directors see the value of the cloud, only 53% of IT managers are into it.

I don’t know. It’s nothing to be afraid of. IT managers have more than enough work to do, plus I think just the chance for them to escape the dark service pack forest is reason enough to check out the Kronos Private Cloud.

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