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July 25, 2013

guardian cloud hubMy Twitter profile says, “marketeer who despises most marketing.” Let me explain. I love good marketing. I especially love content marketing where prospects and customers are provided valuable learning, and not just a sales pitch. What I despise is misleading marketing and straight on bullshit. Oh, pardon my language, but BS is a technical term. You can look it up.

I consider the Guardian (UK) a top notch news source, and a guardian of the truth. So this morning in my cloud news feed, I see Cloud computing: the path to transforming the workplace. Wow! A cloud article in the Guardian? I dove in. It was a pretty good article, but then I read:

“Practices such as remote working, accessing work data from any device and allowing access to real-time data streams are only possible with cloud computing technology.”

Huh? I’m not sure if the author really believes it or if he is just hyper-boleing. Maybe he meant some of the communication technologies or protocols used in cloud computing, but any customer can do these things from their own on-premise data center. My point is consumers of IT have to be careful out there, and vet the marketing messages they’re bombarded with. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing. The Guardian piece was marketing, not “news,” but it looked like news. It was a blog post by a person working for a cloud vendor. I’m seeing more and more of these news-ommercials, like the BrandVoice articles in Forbes. I’m not suggesting these sources are bad, many (like the Forbes stuff) are excellent content marketing, but they’re not news. They’re point of view pieces by a vendor. They’re marketing.

Just like this blog.

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