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Breaking Up with Comcast

July 24, 2013

comcast verizonYesterday I worked from home because Verizon FIOS was coming into my life, and Comcast Xfinity was leaving. Even though I was a new customer to one, and breaking up with the other, both service experiences were positive.

John, the 25 year veteran Verizon technician arrived around 8:30, right in the 8-12 time window I was provided. He asked where my “utility room” was. I chuckled at that. “Utility room?” I knew he meant that web of wires in the basement. The whole process of getting the FIOS (fiber-optics, get it?) into the house, setting up the “box” in the basement, hooking up the modem/wireless router, and then 3 (yeah, pathetic) TV’s took about 4 hours, then John explained everything to me and answered questions. He was very professional.  Oh, he did drop my DVR box about a foot right in front of me, but it worked fine. Hey, nobody’s service is perfect.

Speaking of cable boxes, once John departed, I schlepped two of them up to Comcast, and spent most of lunch standing in line holding the heavy money machines. A young(er) man in front of me was holding 3. “Did you get FIOS?” I asked. “No. These had just become too expensive.” No matter how good the service, price still matters.

I approached the window and placed the two boxes through the small window. “I’m canceling my account.” The 40-ish woman scanned the barcode of one unit while asking why. “I’m going with another provider,” I sheepishly replied. I felt bad breaking up with her. She was nice. “Was our service bad?” “Oh, no. The service was fine. I was just offered more for less with an aggressive promotion.” I still hadn’t spoken FIOS’s name. No sense in hurting the Comcast lady any further. She clicked a few keys, and then handed me a printout to sign. She said I had a small credit coming. Then she looked at me through her pained xfinity eyes and said with a sad smile, “You’re welcome back anytime.”

It was a very pleasant service transaction, even though I was leaving Comcast as a customer. For now. I have a two-year commitment with Verizon, so we’ll see how it goes. For TV/phone/internet providers like Comcast and Verizon, and for cloud service providers like Kronos, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is everything, because customer retention is. So treat your customers well even when they’re walking out the door. You never know. It could be 2 years or 12, but they’ll remember how you treated them, and they might be back.

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  1. July 24, 2013 3:01 pm

    Good to hear about the positive experience. At the same time, I am sorry to hear that we lost you as one of our customers. If you decide to come back, we are always here to help! 🙂

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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