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Prognosticating the Cloud

July 19, 2013

Prognosticating the CloudBrowsing the local Boston news, I read, Forrester Research prepares to mark 30 years in the prognosticating business. Poking around today, there are some stories on Forrester’s mid-2013 global tech market update. Among other of Forrester’s efforts “to predict something or at least hint at what will happen in the future,”1. they state:

“Software — especially for analytical and collaborative applications and for software-as-a-service products — continue to be a bright spot, with 3.3% dollar growth and 5.7% in local currency-terms.”

That’s good news for Kronos in general, and specifically for workforce analytics and our cloud stuff. Speaking of cloud, Forrester spoke with several Kronos customers about their experience with Workforce Central in the cloud. I predict that the summary of their findings, Kronos Cloud Services Total Economic Impact: A First Look will reveal the savings and benefits Kronos customers are realizing from the cloud. Really. You can take that to the cloud bank.

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