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“It’s still early” for the Red Sox and cloud

July 18, 2013

Red Sox at the break 2013The 2nd “half” of the 2013 MLB season begins tonight, and the Boston Red Sox have the best record in baseball. What? Am I in some alternate universe? Isn’t this the team that finished last in the 2012 American League East? Yes, it is. So they’re in the playoffs? ALCS? World Series? Not so fast. As a Red Sox fan since the “Impossible Dream” post-season of 1967, I’ve seen some epic collapses in August and September. Their September 2011 meltdown was epic. Worse still, I remember 1978 and Bucky Dent.

So… It’s still early.

On a more positive note, it’s still very early for the cloud. Even though we’ve been providing cloud services for Workforce Central customers since 2006, it’s still early for the computing platform in the sky.

Early or not, our customers are moving there. Right now, we’re supporting 500 Workforce Central customers and nearly 2 million employees in the cloud.

And it’s still early.

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