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Capitalist Cloud Tool

July 9, 2013

forbes capitalist tool copterIn college, my roommate “Krak” was a Forbes subscriber and an Art major. Go figure. Anyway, often while he was working on a painting, with a long ash dangling from a Marlboro Light 100, I’d sit and consume his latest issue of “the capitalist tool.” Many years later that tool is still flying, and it’s in the cloud with excellent writing and op/ed on cloud computing. Last week, contributor Louis Columbus wrote, CIOs On Cloud Computing Adoption: Conquer Complexity And Help Us Grow about a cloud study involving over 300 interviews of CIOs and Senior IT leaders.

A couple things in the article jumped out at me. First, I learned yet another technology acronym, Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Second, the study found, “60% of IT leaders are concerned that cloud providers don’t appreciate how complex legacy ICT systems are, and fear migration to the cloud could fail.”

Hmmm… That seems like a reasonable concern, but we’re migrating legacy, on-premise, Workforce Central customer systems to our Kronos Private Cloud every day, and that means migrating their complex configurations and integrations with other systems like payroll and HR. We understand the complexity, and we know how to manage it. Migrating to our private cloud simplifies workforce management for our customers by:

  • Easing the burden of hosting and managing the applications, allowing customer IT resources to focus on priorities that help grow their business
  • Leveraging our expertise and experience in Kronos environments and applications
  • Enhancing system performance and availability with attention to the technology infrastructure, the applications, and integration with complementary systems
  • Minimizing compliance risk by keeping current on software versions, service packs, and legislative updates

The Kronos Private Cloud. It’s just a tool, but you don’t have to be a capitalist to use it. We’ve got plenty of public sector organizations there, too.

Oh, and Kracker… He still paints and remains a capitalist.

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