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Pick Your “Case of the Mondays” Meme

July 8, 2013

Case of the MondaysPrior to my long, long holiday weekend, I posted Career Nexus of Forces, highlighting Gartner’s 4 areas that professional employees should understand/master to help keep them current and employable: Big Data, Social, Mobile, and Cloud. Getting away for a long weekend at the beach, or anywhere outdoors provides a canvas of blue sky to think about a great many things. Coming back to work after a break can produce “a case of the Mondays,” but you have a choice of what your case looks like. If it’s bleak, you might want to consider your options. If so, we currently have over 130 open positions. Here are a few examples of openings we have just in the “Nexus of Forces” categories:

Big Data



Check ’em out. A new gig could make your “case of the Mondays” very refreshing.

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