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Career Nexus of Forces

July 3, 2013

Career Nexus of ForcesThis morning (Play)Joyce was telling me about how metrics driven her new (VP of HR) boss is. Her example was how he uses compensation data from various sources, and compiles it all automatically into a spreadsheet to ensure company salaries are competitive. Hmmm… Data driven HR? My response was something like, “In any professional job these days, you have to be able to use data. There’s no excuse not to. There’s so much of it.” Then last week I was on a concall about internal communications. When virtual environments for an internal “trade show” came up, I asked a question about how our branded artwork would get into the environment. The meeting organizer didn’t seem to understand, so I tried to use the example of a Facebook profile picture and cover image. “Oh, I don’t use Facebook, but my daughter does.” Hmmm…

Things aren’t changing in the workplace; they have changed. Let me bloviate: Last year I wrote a bit about Gartner’s Nexus of Forces. Here’s their definition:

The Nexus of Forces is the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios.

I think all Kronos employees, and really all professional employees should, at a minimum, understand these things, and if you want to excel, you should leverage them to the fullest:

So there’s something to think about over the long weekend. You can spend the time to understand, and maybe even master the nexus of forces that will help keep you current and employable, or you can read stuff like this instead.

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