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Ready for new Workforce Tires?

July 2, 2013

MF000P 0248I was waiting when the guys at Town Fair Tire opened their doors this morning. I was there for a quick alignment and balance of my Continental Extreme Contact DWS (don’t you love marketing?) um, tires. Since I purchased them in December of 2010, that rubber has seen a lot of road, 64,883 miles to be exact. I was hoping to get one more turn out of those bad boys before the winter, but it wasn’t to be. One of the technicians discovered a bubble on the sidewall, and a blowout on the way to (Play)Joyce’s “Happy Hollow” cottage on Cape Cod with the kids was a risk that needed about $800 of mitigating… Nice fresh rubber will provide me “extreme contact” and peace of mind. Trust me. Having a tire blowout on vacation is no fun…

wf readyWe currently have billions and billions of small to mid-sized customers (OK, maybe not that many…) on systems with less rubber than the tires I’m replacing. For example, our Timekeeper Central (TKC) Windows-based product was available when I joined the company 13 years ago! The software continues to run just fine, because customers are still happily using it. Hey, my car would keep running if a tire or two blew, but I wouldn’t get very far. With Timekeeper Central, the engine is still purring, but the tires (PC’s, hard disks, versions of Windows older than XP, interfaces to payroll, etc.) are developing bubbles. Recently, one TKC customer contacted our global support team because their old hardware crashed, and they didn’t have a backup of their database, not even their software configuration! As a solution, they wanted to rebuild it from scratch! One of our professional services consultants heard this, and instead recommended our new, cloud-based Workforce Ready. It was crazy to pay for professional services to invest in new hardware, and rebuild a 1990’s system, when the customer could just pay as they go with Workforce Ready.

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