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Kronos Cloud Film Festival!

June 28, 2013

movie in schoolRemember back in grade school late in June when everybody just about had it with school, including (come to think of it, maybe especially) the teachers? Do you recall how sometimes the cool teachers would show up with a filmstrip or even better, a movie! Kids, that day is today, and this cool teacher is showing up with a Kronos Cloud Triple Feature! OK, well, technically it’s a double-feature and a commercial, but come on, it’s way better than reading what I usually write… Anyway, enjoy the films and have a great weekend!

Découvrez pourquoi le choix évident est le Cloud – A light, surreal look at the cloud with fun info-imagery about the cloud, and lots of… well, clouds. (with English subtitles)

Rene Magritte would be proud.” – Le Cloud – Paris

“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.” – Judy Collins

And now a word from our sponsor… – 1:58 of pure commercialism for our awesome cloud services!

Customers in the Cloud – A riveting documentary featuring real Kronos customers (not actors) sharing their personal stories about the Kronos cloud.

“Gut-wrenchingly honest.” – St. Cloud Times

“Kronos has delivered the grandest, most emotional and superheroic chapter in their cloud saga.” – Kronos Creative Director, Ken Volk*

* Ken didn’t really say that. I just made it up along with the other fake film reviews… Hey, it’s Friday.

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