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Big Data Fail

June 19, 2013

big dataIn a Forbes article written almost a year ago, Bill Bartow, our VP of global product management states a compelling figure:

“Labor represents the largest controllable expense for nearly all organizations with an hourly workforce, comprising more than 50 percent of a typical operating budget in many industries…”

Bill goes on to nail the benefits of using workforce analytics to help manage this large expense:

“Organizations that use workforce analytics today are gaining visibility into real-time information about labor that is accurate and actionable. They can also combine labor data with other operational information. This visibility allows them to match labor capacity, labor productivity and skill sets to demand, reallocating labor resources as necessary to meet deadlines, maintain customer satisfaction, and maximize profitability.”

It seems a no-brainer that organizations would move to mine these actionable insights from their workforce, operational, and other stores of “big data,” yet Gartner Research found, “Through 2015, more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit Big Data for competitive advantage.”

That’s a big fail. You can find this and other compelling big data statistics in our cool “Quest for Big Data” infographic/game created by our uh, Creative team. It’s basically an interactive PDF providing a fun, high-level view of what Big Data actually is, and what it can mean to an organization’s bottom line when mined properly. Don’t fail to check it out.

big data game image

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