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Rain O’er Me

June 14, 2013

Love Reign O'er MeOK, for you classic rock aficionados, it’s “Love Reign O’er Me, but I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout love (but I do love musical references…) or the song from the Who classic, “Quadrophenia.” I’ll tell you though, If I did “need a drink of cool, cool rain,” there’s plenty here in the Northeast US.

So… Rain. We have a program here at Kronos to make it. Not the kind that brings May flowers, but this kind:

“a person who brings in new business; also : a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success”

We call our rainmaker incentive program, uhhh… Rainmaker. Yeah. We have over 1,000 service employees working with customers every day to:

  • Implement new products
  • Provide product training
  • Answer technical questions
  • Manage customer systems in the cloud
  • Optimizing their workforce management practices

As our employees work with customers, relationships are built… over the phone, in meetings, in hallway conversations, even over dinner or a beer. Customers talk about their challenges, and what they aspire to do…

All we ask our employees to do is listen. Then when they hear of a need that we can help the customer with, they tell us about it so we can work with the customer to address it. This week while it’s been a deluge here, the manager of our Rainmaker program has been on a cruise to the Bermuda triangle. She’d better come back. I’ve been doing (a small part of) her job all week, and have seen firsthand what our customers are asking for. Here’s a sampling:

We receive over 200 of these leads every month. Sure, that’s not as much rain as we’ve received in Massachusetts this month, but it’s not bad… Now, as a Friday music curation treat, here’s Pearl Jam’s cover of the Who classic, plus a bonus of “The Real Me.”

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